Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pentecost poem written during worship this morning

chase the wild goose 

with flight inspired
like singing choir
and life contained no more
lift the roof
on organ wings
with tongues
with Spirit blaze
trail behind a smoky
these fiery days
comfortable no more
alight now, soar
arise, take flight,
each one fly,
fly high, dream wide
your uncommon gifts inspired
live life uncontained
with the goose – wild and free

I was asked by Martin, who was curating worship for Pentecost with a creative flair and flavour, to come to worship this morning open to writing a poem in the moment, to share at the close of the gathering. 
Goodness, I was delighted to receive such an invitation - what a challenge, what a gift. 
And the words came, thankfully (though I had some words from others with me to read if my own did not compose themselves adequately) - and here they are - inspired by the songs and prayers, reflections and feelings of gathered worship in a Pentecost theme. 
The picture, incidentally, is my doodling in tongues - inspired by our friend Lou, Martin invited us all to listen to the choir and organ, and pray with pens on pages, words or images - this is what I doodled, which led to a rewrite of the poem from something more wordy to what you see here. 


MOREthanHUMAN said...

I like the idea. Good words too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sarah, We had a guest preacher for Pentecost Sunday. He used a previously prepared sermon that seemed like warmed up leftovers and hardly noticed that it was a special day I felt dudded but your words have warmed me and expressed the amazing gift we celebrate on Pentecost Sunday. Glenys